Registering your Tournament Director license

  1. Open the email you received containing your license information and look for the block starting with -- BEGIN LICENSE INFORMATION--:

  2. Highlight the license information and press
    to copy it to the Windows clipboard (that is, press the
    key while holding down the
    key). It's OK to include some of the email message before and/or after the license information, but be sure to include the BEGIN LICENSE INFORMATION and END LICENSE INFORMATION lines and everything in between.

  3. Start the Tournament Director software by double-clicking the Tournament Director icon on your Windows desktop, or by selecting the Tournament Director 3 shortcut in your Windows Start Menu.
  4. The Tournament Director application will start and immediately open the About dialog:

  5. On the bottom of the About dialog, press the
    Enter License Key
  6. The License Information dialog will open. The Tournament Director should automatically detect your license information on the Windows clipboard and fill in the dialog with the appropriate information. Just press the

That's it. Your copy of the Tournament Director should now be registered.

If you need further assistance, email

If you are registering a version 2 license, see this page.